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We offer a one-stop shop for wheel refinishing, with the entire process for fully painted rims completed in house - tire removal, rim repair, custom painting, balancing, and tire re-installation. 
Whether your rims fell victim to an over sized pothole, or you had a run in with the curb during a recent parallel park attempt, regardless of what happened - we can fix your damaged rims! 
A car is a reflection of a person's individual taste and style, and we strongly believe that should be the case from top to bottom! Let us personalize your car's rims for a unique look that caters exactly to your preferences. 
  Phone: 519-652-3047  
We keep a variety of beautiful refinished sets in stock at all times. If you're looking for a quick update for your tired old rims, give us a call to find out what we have in right now. New makes, sizes, and styles arrive regularly.
Customize any part of your vehicle for a unique look! We can customize any part to achieve your one of a kind look. From spoilers & grilles to handles & hardware, we can do it all!